The Color of Flood Relief

As I was going from place to place the last week, I realized something interesting — there was very little distinction between who helped whom. I saw neighbors in neighborhoods worrying over every house, people working together in very diverse groups, and people stopping in the street to chat. This wasn’t my realization though. 

My realization is that I really like post -flood Columbia. 

I mean I like it a lot. 

I know soon we’ll get back to our busy lives and largely ignore each other again, but what’s happening right now  is the Columbia I want to live all the time. It kind of feels like the end of A Christmas Carol, and I’m wishing or could be Christmas every day. 
That’s where I am right now. I’m grateful. 

My hope and my prayer for postdiluvian Columbia is that we’ll allow our hearts to remain open, that we’ll continue to see a more cooperative relationship among churches despite race or denomination; that neighbors will continue to stop each other on the street. 

My prayer is that the waters in which we were submerged were a baptismal deluge, and that we’re raised together into new life. Maybe not a perfect life yet, but I’ll take what I can get and celebrate every small victory I can. 
Keep it up my friends, thank God for you all. 

One thought on “The Color of Flood Relief

  1. The waters of flood revealed that the church can work together but the sad reality is that it takes/took a tragedy for all of us to realize it. The goal now is that we sustain this reality and make it the new normal.

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