Eulogy for a Friend: Love Lingers Longer than Death, and sometimes relationships.

Existence Itself is an expression of relationship created not out of -nothing-, but out of whatever single Substantial Thing exists. I define this to be God.

Somehow, because I believe to my deepest core that this Substantiance is Ultimate Reality, I therefore believe that to exist is to be in relationship, making relationship the most sacred thing I can possibly imagine.

The Virtue of Wastefulness

It’s clear that Jesus is lifting up these dishonest actions as virtuous. How does this work? What does Jesus mean in saying, “If, then, you have not been faithful with the dishonest wealth, who will entrust to you the true riches?”, when it feels pretty clear that being dishonest isn’t something we typically consider virtuous? 

Dreams of Faith

darkness, and know bone deep that God already knows we’re assholes, somehow loves us anyway, and calls us to love us too! — even knowing that we’ll continue to be broken and toxic and fickle. God doesn’t love our fickle toxicity, but loves and tends to the wounded heart at the center of it. In this love, God calls us to love and tend to our own wounded hearts so that we in our pain won’t cause pain to the wounded hearts around us.