Waking Up Trump

I think both nominees were selected in bad faith. Clinton, because people thought we needed an heir apparent when we really needed a true contest — in their hearts, people knew that she was likely unelectable even though they were right that she had the experience. Trump, because people were angry and he was yelling for them (and I get that, he yelled some for me too), but what we really needed from the GOP was a candidate who espoused conservative values in a contest where true conservatives had Play-Doh for personalities.

What is “it”? — Why America Needs a Slavery Museum

It’s an important piece of our cultural puzzle to be reminded why there are racial tensions in our nation, in our communities, in our families; to be reminded that even after generations gone by, the echo of slavery infects our culture. The ones who say this isn’t so are often the very ones who reverence the Confederacy, who declare “heritage, not hatred”. I find this to be so ironic that it’s painful.